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I wasn't talking about democracy or representation. I was talking about an european entity expressing itself on the global stage. Have you ever seen how european nation-state leaders greet people like Bill Gates? Not as peers, but as servants. They realise that someone like Bill has MUCH MORE POWER and on a MUCH WIDER SCALE than them, and are scared shitless to pick a fight with him. That's why the only serious challenges to the MS monopoly came from EU institutions, that DO express power on a much bigger scale. I'm not so utopian to think that a federal EU will be more democratic or more responsive to its citizens than nation states. It just happens to be the only way we can introduce some friction in the cogs of globalized corporativism, recreating some sort of antagonism. We need someone that can scare back big companies (and yes, the american friends as well, for they tend to create quagmires too much and too near our strategic interests) -- not Blair, not Schroeder and certainly not Chirac can do that at the moment. We need checks and balances on a global scale, even though they are not "100% direct democracy". When never had direct democracy anyway, we have little to lose.
by toyg (g.lacava@gmail.com) on Wed Dec 14th, 2005 at 10:08:27 AM EST
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