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I was not aware of making a numeric argument, I was just complaining about a lack of attention for Darfur.

I agree with you on Congo.

I agree with you on hunger and poverty as well:
http://atlanticreview.org/archives/74-To-alleviate-extreme-poverty-the-G8-have-to-make-international -trade-more-fair-and-increase-aid.html

"around 29,000 under-fives die every day from causes that are easily prevented, such as diarrhoeal dehydration, acute respiratory infections, measles and malaria."

I wrote about Top Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2004

You have not convinced me on Iraq, however.

Why is Iraq worse than Darfur?

I did not say that Darfur is worse. I only noticed that very little is written about Darfur in comparision with
CIA renditions, the death penalty, the war in Iraq, and data mining.

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