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There are three major reasons why Iraq is more important than Darfur.

First, America has invaded Iraq. That means that the Western press can get access to Iraq, or, at least, to the reporter hotels and the American military press conferences--which plenty for our modern so-called reporters to write a "report" on what's going on. If a reporter finds his way to Darfur he's likely to get shot and dumped in a ditch, which is not as glamorous as being interviewed on TV with Bagdhad under attack in the background.

Second, because America's so-called "coalition of the willing" is made up almost entirely of Americans, America-bashers can have a field day at American expense by criticizing the situation in Iraq. Whether the situation in Iraq is better or worse than it is elsewhere is irrelevant if the elsewhere doesn't have an American military presence to make rude comments about.

Third, Iraq has oil, and Darfur doesn't.

by asdf on Sun Dec 18th, 2005 at 08:46:12 AM EST
Granted, little of it is in Darfur, but Sudan's oil is now sold to China, and Chinese money is thus backing this murderous, genocidal regime.  

China has even threatened to veto Security Council resolutions condemning Sudan, I think.

by tyronen on Mon Dec 19th, 2005 at 03:56:09 PM EST
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