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from kcurie:

I have also read that the opposition , in case Morales does not reach a 50% will not try to beat him in the parlament..
So it seems we are headed for a MOrales presidency.
I expect Repsol will start talking with him very soon.
High access for high royalties will be the request from Morales. We know here the people in charge now of Repsol... Repsol will accept it with no big deal... I hope that Repsol accepting will lead the other companies to accept it too.

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from whataboutbob:

I have read earlier statements from Morales that he will nationalize oil if the companies don't give over a lot of money...and the pressure will be from the indigenous people to nationalize oil and gas, no matter what.

from DoDo:

BTW, can someone, especially someone Spanish-speaking who can read through the official election site!, please explain the Bolivian election system? (need link replaced) It appears the vote on President is also used as a vote on proportionally distributed party seats (or vice versa), while additionally there are directly elcted representatives.

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by whataboutbob on Wed Dec 21st, 2005 at 03:21:17 PM EST
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