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Bolivian National Electoral Court: FAQ - General Election 2005 (in Spanish)
When will the General Election be held?

On Sunday 18 December 2005.

What will be elected?

President, Vicepresident, Senators and Representatives.

How will the President and Vicepresident be elected?

The President and Vicepresident will be elected by universal, direct and secret ballot. If no candidate attains an absolute majority of the votes, that is, 50% plus one vote, the National Congress will choose the President and Vicepresident among the two highest vote-getters.

How many Senators will be elected, and how?

Three senators will be elected from each Department by simple majority. Two senators will correspond to the winning formula [sic] in the Department, and one to the runner-up formula.

How many representatives will be elected, and how?

130 representatives will be elected by universal, direct and secret ballot. 68 will be elected in single-seat districts by first-past-the-post, and 62 in multi-seat districts by the representative [sic] system.

How long are the terms of office?

President, Vicepresident, Senators and Representatives will be elected for a period of 5 years.

When will a new president take office?

The nee Constitutional President of the Republic will take office on 22 January 2006.

When can new voters register?

Inscription in the Electoral Register for the 2005 General Election will be open on Monday 15 August and will close on Monday 5 September. The following must be registered: those turning 18 until September 4, inclusive; people who did not vote for any reason in the 2004 Municipal Elections, as they will have been removed from the Register; and people who have changed their residence.

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