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DoDo you're the man !!!

If there ever was such a field as astro-trainology, I'd vote for you to get a Nobel.

Thanks for all the information, I was also wondering about this locomotive, when comparing it against other locomotives I've seen in pics of towns of the area, as it didn't quite seem to fit. If it's that old no wonder!!!

So I'll skip this one (so far I've only obtained detailed information, including blueprints in some cases, about locomotives on or supplying the front lines ... and I was beginning to wonder about how and where to start looking for info/pics on normal trains).

I already have way too much stuff to model anyhow, and have really only barely started (but I've been assembling documentation for over a year now, waiting for my software to be finished to be able to indulge in this ... my idea is to complete a realistic model of the area by 2016, for the 100th anniversary, and offer it all to the town of Verdun or to a computer game manufacturing company for free, on the condition that they'll represent Senegalese and Moroccan and other colonial troops as respectfully as they should (instead of only putting Germans and Frenchies, like they would do). Or to both. Probably to both, but I'm not sure in which order ... my head says the town but my heart wants to play the game :))

Again, thanks!

ps: this is really just a hobby, but I think that if I keep on amassing bits and pieces here and there for another 5 years, when my software might/should be earning me a living, I'll be ready to work on it for 5 additional years and get it all out in time (because Verdun is a small town, and the forts etc around it are very well documented).

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Dec 27th, 2005 at 06:14:58 PM EST
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