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I was also wondering about this locomotive, when comparing it against other locomotives I've seen in pics of towns of the area, as it didn't quite seem to fit. If it's that old no wonder!!!

So I'll skip this one...

You don't necessarily have to do that. It was very common until the last few decades that mainline locomotives had a longer life because when they got older, and were replaced by faster, stronger, heavier locos on the mainlines, they continued on branchlines until broke.

my idea is to complete a realistic model of the area by 2016, for the 100th anniversary, and offer it all to the town of Verdun or to a computer game manufacturing company for free, on the condition that they'll represent Senegalese and Moroccan and other colonial troops as respectfully as they should (instead of only putting Germans and Frenchies, like they would do). Or to both.

Great idea, I wish you the will to finish it :-)

BTW, I was in Verdun, on my home from Bretagne, in the summer of 2003 - tough I haven't seen much of the WWI memorials, or even the inner town - I only camped there for the night. (Incidentally, the camping was just next to the first strong curve along the route of the 2001 Tour de France team trials, which I had in good memory from seeing on TV.)

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