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No, no, no !!! The Third Coalition started it all!

In April 1805, the United Kingdom and Russia signed a treaty to remove the French from Holland and Switzerland. Austria joined the alliance after the annexation of Genoa and the proclamation of Napoleon as King of Italy...

So, who started it? :-)

Now, of course, there is this little detail of France bringing Liberty, Fraternity, Equality and the metric system to the neighbours in the previous years...

...and the French official language and cultural supremacism, setting off the virus of nationalism (in form of the reaction of the subjugated people). Terry Gilliam's recent Grimm had an ironic allusion to this, making use of the very real connection between the Grimm brothers' work and the French expansion under Napoleon.

An interesting what-if scenario would be to imagine if revolutionary France would have refrained from expansion and reverted to supporting foreign revolutionaries instead.

(It is a less-well-known fact that before 1917/8/9 and 1848, there have been two other instances of revolution spreading across Europe - the first in the wake of the French Revolution. If some of you have ever travelled to Budapest by train and arrived at Déli pu. (South Station), the park between it and the walled oldtown is called Vérmező=bloody field, because that's where the Hungarian Jacobins - exposed by the Habsburg secret service - were mass-executed.)

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by DoDo on Fri Dec 30th, 2005 at 12:08:26 PM EST
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