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I will ony quibble some less significant and one on-point part, so I state upfront: thank you for your long and informative reply.

In comparison to other European states Norway got its independence rather late, in 1905.

A number of new EU member states, most notably Slovakia and the Baltic countries, have even more recent independence.

Any insecurity or discourse over the sovereignty and administration of these resources, make Norwegians sceptical, because it could have a direct bearing on the welfare of the Norwegian people...
...Labour... The minority on the other hand emphasizes the economical aspects of the Union and more or less looks upon it as a club for the rich countries.

Well, I guess even Romania is rich relative to say Uganda, but not relative to Norway - Norway would be a netto payer in the EU, in effect the financier of lifting the welfare of us Central-Eastern Europeans. I hammer on about this because this is what circles in my mind lately, especially since Marxism was brought up - I am thinking of Social Democracy as an offspring of Marxism that limits redistribution to members of a nation, as opposed to redistribution on higher levels.

I quoted two different relevant parts of your post above because I perceive an apparent contradiction. Do you mean that losing money to the EU is not discussed in the eurosceptic wing of the Norwegian Labour party, but it is in the population?

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by DoDo on Mon Jan 2nd, 2006 at 06:35:26 PM EST
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