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It's a damn shame, to put it mildly, that these techniques were developed by our Communist "enemies" and now we're the ones using them.

Hm... are you sure? For example, what about the SOA? Weren't these techniques already taught there at the same time?

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by DoDo on Sat Dec 10th, 2005 at 02:19:25 PM EST
I apologize DoDo, for not getting back to you, I missed this comment.  Sure, the US used torture before - I think waterboarding started for the US in the early 1900's if I am not mistaken.  Nevertheless, what I am referring too are the psychological, rather than physical, torture methods that came about in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.  Physical pain is one thing but the psychological is another animal in itself and highly effective - not for information, but rather to exploit and break the human soul.

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by Jeffersonian Democrat (rzg6f@virginia.edu) on Tue Dec 13th, 2005 at 12:29:02 PM EST
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