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i have my own opinion about ahmadinejad. the short version is that i think that, more than dangerous he is a puppet, the errand boy for people who work against the best interests of the iranians and who want war.

the shock of his words stems mostly from the fact that any, ANY, discussion of israels crimes has been made socially unacceptable in the west. off-topic here, i think that this whole topic should be brought back from the status of anathema ASAP, in the best interest of everybody.

ad holocaust - since school, age 12 or so, i've asked everybody at hand why rather draconian laws are at all necessary to uphold truth. i've never gotten a straight answer to that one simple question. what i got most of times was hateful sneers, unwarranted insults, blank stares. because of this personal experience i tend to think that there is far more to the holocaust than lots of dead people. i'll leave it at that.

ad israel - immigrant jews have been meting out violence and general havoc against palestinians since about 1880 (the relations between the local arabs and jews was cordial and marked by mutual respect). the creation of israel has nothing to do with WW2, but lots with WW1. palestine used to belong to the turkish empire back then. the jews, or rather, the zionist movement, asked the brits to give them palestine in return for screwing over the germans, who were winning the war. the brits signed over the place which decidedly did not belong to them in the same way as today irak does not belong to the americans but they are still signing the place over to corporations. and nobody ever asked the palestinians for their opinion (terrae nullius). may god heap disgrace and ruin on all descendants of lord balfour until the 40th generation.

ad palestinians - i think that they still have many fans in the west, but most of those fans are not to be found among the political classes. and the political classes of the west have never been more alienated from the people since perhaps the times of the borgia papacies.

ad ahmadinejad - as said above. i doubt the statement is idle provocation or bumbling idiocy. his proposition to take the jews of israel back is appealing at face value, but it is a milchmädchenrechnung, the equivalent of a spreadsheet in the world of politics.

zionism, the political movement which lead to the creation of israel, is a misguided answer to the marginalisation the (eastern) european jews suffered much before the advent of nazism, in the 19th century. they wanted out of europe because they knew what was in the tea leaves, and the other europeans were all too happy to get ridden of a people despised by many of them. this stance has IMHO not changed substantially in europe.

even apart from political considerations i doubt israeli jews would have much better chances here in europe if they decided to return en masse today. the well-educated, technologically adept class is a minority in israel, as it is everywhere else. AFAIK their educational system produces far more functional analphabetes than the average european, so here we'd just have one more group of immigrants competing with the local proletariat and other immigrant groups. second, their society is anything but tolerant. they are as racist and classist as can be found. white european askenazis at the top, eritrean falashas at the bottom; their religious and political leaders are mostly "israel über alles" extremists, intractable kooks ripe for the rubber cell by european standards (google "moshe levinger" to see an example). last but not least, how is any european country supposed to absorb the 20% or of the israeli (jewish) population which lives at or below poverty w/o provoking upheavals ? i doubt many of them would be accepted with open arms by the general populace.

i'm sorry, but ahmadinejad didn't do his homework. he's outed himself as a primitive populist, driven by and appealing to base instincts.

(corrections please ?)

by name (name@spammez_moi_sivouplait.org) on Fri Dec 9th, 2005 at 11:04:07 AM EST

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