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I try to avoid hardline positions, but this man is a nutjob and should be ignored in all areas but WMD.  He's either simply playing to his hardline supporters or suicidal.  The last time a Muslim country tried to "wipe Israel from the map," the Israelis left it lying in a pool of its own blood in the middle of the desert.

Muslim countries have fought Israel in the past decades, and, each time, they seem to get crushed.  Egypt learned its lesson.  Hopefully, the Iranian people won't have to.

I think it's a political game.  Iran doesn't want any part of a war with Israel, and certainly not one that involves Europe and America.  I refuse to believe that he, as the leader of a country, is that stupid.  These radical leaders like to play dress-up as "future martyrs," but, in the end, they get sane fairly quickly when faced with actually going to war, as Saddam did when he agreed to let the inspectors back in.

Be nice to America. Or we'll bring democracy to your country.

by Drew J Jones (pedobear@pennstatefootball.com) on Fri Dec 9th, 2005 at 06:42:50 PM EST

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