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I'm not really interesting in defending Bush's western rhetorics, but interpretation of words is not what I call facts. And personally I don't see how that statement can be taken to be a boast of having "summarily executed 3,000 Afghani prisoners".

I read your clarification further up that uruknet was just missing in Googles index for 7 days. Here's what Googles Information for webmasters have to say about that:

"Each time we update our database of webpages, our index shifts: we find new sites, we lose some sites, and sites' rankings change. If your site was dropped from Google and you haven't made major changes to it, we'll likely pick it up again soon."

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by BobFunk (bobfunk@clanwhiskey.net) on Mon Jun 13th, 2005 at 09:33:00 AM EST
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That may happen with sites with a lower index, but not in this case.  There was no fluctuation.  It was de-listed.

"It isn't the first time that Google discontinues  indexing Uruknet. A few months ago, Google.news removed Uruknet.info as a news source, apparently thanks to Michelle  Malkin's  protestations and reinstated our website only of because of many complaint letters from our readers."

by GraceReid on Mon Jun 13th, 2005 at 09:57:49 AM EST
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They heard it as I did.  Marjorie Cohn heard it, too, and wrote about it in t r u t h o u t.  You didn't hear it.

The story of the "Convoy of Death" was filmed by an Irishman.

by GraceReid on Mon Jun 13th, 2005 at 10:08:51 AM EST
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