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The agreement was not with the Annan solution as such but the implicit contract with the EU15 was that the Cypriot government would negotiate in good faith and enure the whole island joined. Unfortuantely that was not written in the precise terms that you (they) demeand should have been in the Annan documents. If it had been, accession would have been stopped or delayed until the agreement had been reached. There is in fact a strong argument that by failing to properly settle the matter they have not yet fully implemented the acquis and therefore their accession treaty is null and void.

If you are arguing that "powerful outside interests" should not be involved, are you in favour of the UN pulling out completely? In which case the British forces will withdraw from the island leaving the two sides to sort it out for themselves - which would inevitably lead to bloodshed.

Your analogy with the French and Dutch referenda on the Constiturional Treaty are fallacious.  The refusals had far less to do with the issues surrounding the treaty and much more to do with national politics. If there is a comparison it would appear to be that those in favour of a no vote misrepresent the provisions.    

by Londonbear on Wed Jun 15th, 2005 at 04:30:51 AM EST
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