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They did negotiate in good faith. It was Annan who didn't negotiate in good faith. Annan knew from Annan Plan 3 that the Greek Cypriots were very willing to concede the rights vouchsafed to them by the Aquis. The Acquis Communitaire also contains a bill of rights. The Greek cypriots willingly conceded to forego many of the rights therein. When the two sides didn't come to an agreement after negotiations in Annan 5, Annan took it upon himself to alter the document, and he largely wiped out many of the Turkish concessions. I'll ask you: do you know which Turkish concessions were wiped out in Annan 5? Why did Annan do this?

I have no idea how you can argue that Cyprus' accession to the EU is null and void. That just boggles the mind. They are in. Surely you know that accession for the entire 10 new EU countries would have been VETO'd entirely had Cyprus not joined. The argument goes like this: why should a democratic European country be punished from acceding to the EU just because a foreign army has invaded it? That's a pretty compelling argument, especially when you consider that Cyprus has a strong economy and is a NET contributor to the EU.

No one is in favor of the UN pulling out. The Greek Cypriots are in favor of a plan that looks more like Annan 3 (which contains both Turkish and Greek Cypriot concessions) as opposed to Annan 5 (which contains mainly Greek concessions).

As for the British leaving Cyprus, oh how I wish that were true. But it will not happen under any circumstances, unfortunately. You see, they have military bases there, and really that's what the conflict is all about. The Western powers do not want to give up this unsinkable battleship, and they have maintained sovereignty over the island by artificially dividing the Cypriots on it. Divide and Conquer so they can keep their bases. Hitchens' Cyprus book makes this argument pretty clear.

As for your last line, can you be more clear? I have no idea what you're getting at. Can you be more specific?

by Upstate NY on Wed Jun 15th, 2005 at 05:09:06 AM EST
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