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Turkey should apologize and get this over with, no question. But what interests me is the attitude towards Turkey's potential joining of the EU: The diarist seems to not welcome Turkey into the union.

From an American viewpoint, I can on the one hand understand the problems that Turkey would bring to the EU. But on the other hand, in our case we would generally WELCOME the addition of a new state because of the many benefits that come with an expanded union.

For example, suppose that Mexico decided to join the United States. Industry would love this, because a whole new population of low wage workers would become available. Mexicans would love it, because they would be able to freely move between Mexico and California, offering much better job opportunities. Americans would like the new low cost goods and the increased ability to travel to and retire to a warm climate while retaining the advantages of American residency. About the only people who wouldn't like it are Mexican politicians who would lose prestige and money.

Why isn't it this way with Turkey and the EU? If France, Germany, and Poland (mortal enemies for centuries) can get together, why can't Turkey join too?

by asdf on Fri Jun 17th, 2005 at 01:16:26 PM EST

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