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You mentioned the possible strike in Norway and disruptions in Nigeria which is why I'm posting this link for anyone interested in Iraq's oil production.

http://www.iags.org/iraqpipelinewatch.htm-just kinda interesting to check every few days. There have been over 200 sabotages to oil pipelines in Iraq since US invaded. And I think that only a few times have these attacks on the pipllines even been mentioned in the news when talking about Iraq.

As for the 100 dollars, well as bush would say-I'm going with my gut(although I think my gut is a bit more well read than bush's gut on this subject) and agreeing with Jerome on this.

"People never do evil so throughly and happily as when they do it from moral conviction."-Blaise Pascal

by chocolate ink on Tue Jun 21st, 2005 at 12:22:58 PM EST

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