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...check this out:


Read some of their stuff... this is a 'non-profit' founded by the guy who wrote 'The Machine That Changed The World'... to be honest, I think it is a 'pseudo' non-profit... in that while the dot-org makes no money, they do as consultants...

Regardless they describe the basic workings of a modern well run factory & office... and it won't be that hard to get European mfg & workforce up to speed... all the basics are in place... just a little tweaking.

Supposedly one of the guys on their board is from the UK... this guy... I bet he would do an interview... they all love publicity.

Good luck on your effort... I can hardly wait to see the propaganda debunked!

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by dryfly (jjwhodat at hotmail dot com) on Tue Jun 21st, 2005 at 02:24:33 PM EST
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