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There are some major points of concern:

  • Poor political leadership in EU Council and lack of common policy
  • Level of education in Europe deteriorating
  • Disconnect between education, job opportunities and qualification
  • Liberalization of markets - energy, water resources and public transport - is near catastrophic
  • Cost involved to introduce the Euro was carried by the consumer, plus a general product price increase
  • Job creation does not come from the large multinational corporations, with their fiscal benefits and usually no national taxes paid
  • Middle-class small business creates the jobs and sustains economic growth. Need less red-tape and administration rules from EU and national government
  • Absence of EU policy on asylum seekers and general immigration of highly qualified workers from outside the EU countries
  • West-German debt created to unite East-Germany greatly underestimated

All of mainland Europe is paying the price for East-European Freedom after the fall of communism in 1989, and rapid offer of EU membership. Great Britain has set the mark for taking care of its own, reaping the benefits, but lacking solidarity with the other Euro zone countries. Very frustrating when the larger EU nations: Germany, France and Italy not having its own economic house in order and fail to meet the standards agreed upon when Euro treaty was signed just a few years ago.

Too much change all at once, causes uncertainty by business and consumers, effects fiscal and social welfare law in each nation. Creates instability and enough mistrust for investment and hiring labor to be postponed.

In the Netherlands, the education system and methods are in continuous state of upheaval. The skilled labor education has been abolished, so a great need to import skilled workers from East-European nations, with large groups of Dutch citizens, often the 2nd and 3rd generation of Turks and Moroccan descent, hit by high unemployment. In the mean time, many standards set to meet minimum skills when starting one's own business has also been abolished, creating a wild-west of poor performance and cheating on contracts with the consumer as victim.

CONCLUSION: Poor leadership all around, lack of responsibility, reaping the benefits but lack solidarity with poor nations. The benefits for the large corporations and the people with less power: the employees and consumer paying the bill of EU expansion. A very unsatisfactory mark for the EU anno domine 2005.

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'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jun 22nd, 2005 at 12:38:18 AM EST

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