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not knowing anything about macro-economics, just wanted to chime in and rehash a lingustic prejudice.  Germans f.e are considered rude in their normal conversations, while Americans are always considered to be more friendly. In Germany, in my experience, that has nothing to do with how you view your superior on a personal level. These two levels can be quite seperate.

Next linguistic prejudice: Germans are famed for voicing negative aspects (critical voicing) and an extensive moan-culture.

It would be interesting to compare levels of mobbing - to get a grip on worker satisfaction. Also, the retention of employement is much greater, at least in Germany as the first poster states, that would at least anecdotally contradict your assumption, that being critical or moany automatically means not wanting to be in that place, quite the contrary.

Where you able to speak with your European collegues in their language?  

by PeWi on Wed Jun 22nd, 2005 at 05:49:45 AM EST
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