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One of my favorite German words is: Betriebsklimaforschung. That was the field Theodore Wiesengrund Adorno was working in as a sociologist the States before returning to Germany. Not that I ever read anything by him from that time. I just like the word.

It is certainly an interesting world. The rigidity of the German personal sphere can also be seen in Du and Sie. It can sometimes be years before you call someone by his/her first name and even then, you might still call them with the more formal Sie. That has nothing to do with class or even familiarity, but with social distance. It is more a sign of respect for the other person personal life.
My father knew people for over thirty years. He married their daughters, baptized their children, buried their fathers, visited for birthdays; in other words knew them intimately and still, it would be the furthest on his mind to call them by their first names.

There are even ceremonies, that celebrate the shedding of the Sie. Auf Bruderschaft/ Schwesternschaft trinken. (involves Alcohol and the inter-twining of arms)

by PeWi on Wed Jun 22nd, 2005 at 12:06:49 PM EST
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