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I can't pretend to understand how much of the criticism aimed at the Eurozone is realistic and how much is ideological propaganda.

I can help a little on this - these are the things I studied in pursuit of a MS in Mfg Systems... but frankly we didn't do a lot of benchmarking against Euro Zone companies... but rather against Asian firms... especially Japan & Toyota.

If I were you... before I got to involved in the minutia... I'd do a little background reading... here are a few I'd start with:

The Machine That Changed the World

And the follow up...

Lean Thinking

And if that isn't enough - go right to the source...

Toyota production System

Once you read some of this then you'll be pretty well inoculated against the propaganda... Otherwise it will be a bit like trying to read a budget without knowing anything about accounting...

BTW - I think Europe could have the most productive labor force in the world with a few minor tweaks... I've even though about relocating over there to be a part of it... that was until the recent bru-ha-ha...

I'll look for you postings as always.

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