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To some extent that is true that the British see themselves as having to fight for what they want from Europe, but perhaps that perception is based on some reality?

Victory for Britain in this case means getting something in return for agreeing to reduce the Rebate.  This isn't just a strike at France, but the current structure of spending in the entire EU.  You showed us the projected future contributions assuming the rebate, but what would it look like without.  I was looking at the projections with and without for 2003 in The Economist, it makes it pretty clear what Britain is worried about.

Why does France want to beat the UK, but not the Germans (is that what you meant)?  I get that sense as well and I think that my British friends think that Germany and France are aligned to make things difficult for Britain.  How can a leader ask another country to sacrifice and then stonewall when his own country is ask to do similarly?

The only international crime is losing a war

by Luam (uretskyj at gmail.com) on Sun Jun 26th, 2005 at 03:03:22 PM EST
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