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I'd like to find out about how you reduce energy consumption by a factor of 1000. The U.S. uses about twice as much energy per capita as Europe, which is bad but nothing like 10x or 1000x. If people want to live in "temperate" climates they need to have heat. If they want to move around they need energy for transportation. If they want material things they need raw materials like aluminum and steel and plastic. If they want food, they need energy to work the farms.

I have never heard of a proposal that reduces energy consumption by 1000x. From today's American starting point I could easily see a factor of 2, and possibly a factor of 5. 10x would be a big stretch. 1000x is beyond any concept of possibility.

Do you have some specific examples?

by asdf on Tue Jun 28th, 2005 at 01:52:15 PM EST
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