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i wonder how much of the post-911 economic growth in the u.s.a. would be left if one subtracted all the capital generated by soul-destroying industries like guns, mines, poisons, crowd control, uniforms, and fear-driven, bloated bureaucracies feeding at the same trough.

aren't the chinese effectively extending credit to america to finance the iraq millions-per-day jamboree?

here in my corner of italy (umbria) people grumble, (especially about the euro,) and take the tobacco money to grow tobacco which then causes health problems that cost millions in public taxes, and decreased productivity, poisoning the rivers with pesticide runoff, and the air when they spray illegally on windy days.

the good news: there is a factory building solar PV panels from cells imported from china, and water heaters as well. last week as i was being shown around the factory while buying a solar wellpump and panels, (i already have their water heater), i saw a 16-wheeler loaded with panels and similar kit leaving for germany.

every day on the radio i hear imbecilic ads exhorting me to buy agip 'greener' petrol (haha), but vested interests shut the local biodiesel plant down, and we local farmers have had to go back to dino diesel again.

heating gas prices and gasoline prices are relentlessly inching up, when will the reed snap?

vested interests are also sabotaging efforts to subsidise rooftop solar through tax credits and part-payment, i was told by the CEO of the solar factory.

i suspect this region could be energy self-sufficient through solar and biodiesel, but until people squawk loud enough to get their representatives' attention, it's bizniz as usual, with the lambs brainwashed with the most surreally idiotic media imaginable.

who are the politicians in italy and europe who care about this stuff?

germany seems the most progressive, perhaps because it had the most heavy industry and subsequent pollution?

will all countries have to pollute to that point to evolve meaningful green policy?

there is not nearly enough discussion in the media about peak oil, and the need to prepare ourselves. i'd like to see politicians coming forward and naming names as to who is blocking new models, and profiting most off the present shambles.

there should be panel factories in every decent sized community, and we should be subsidising our own cell production, researching deeply into better alternative technologies. it's fine that europe is the undisputed leader, but we are still barely scratching the surface, imo.

maybe in gaia's dna there is a reason cheap oil is ending: to save us from ourselves.

thanks jerome, excellent as usual!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Thu Jun 30th, 2005 at 10:54:06 AM EST

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