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I can understand that you might see me as a bit of a libertarian coming down hard on government intervention. As progressives go I'm clearly not of the big government variety. Not so much as a matter of dogma, whatever works floats my boat, but because I've seen so much of the failure of recent half baked measures designed, year after year, to end unemployment.

Be that as it may, my larger point is to highlight the despair that comes from massive long term unemployment.  I'm a big boy and a sportsman and can accept that my rhetoric might annoy some.  Your riposte is loyal and straightforward and I accept is as such except for your last point about my crocodile tears.  You do not know me, my family or close ones but I assure you that my feelings for the unemployed are heartfelt, not merely a prop to make a political statement.


by Guillaume on Thu Jun 30th, 2005 at 10:58:23 AM EST
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