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Space: as others mentioned, Arianespace is the leading commercial launcher. A lot of space probes you may know as a NASA probe are actually NASA-ESA(+ others) coproductions (even the Hubble Space Telescope). Europe has the technological edge in some future technologies, like ion drives. On the other hand, note: in space technologies, there is almost always international cooperation, so establishing who dominates is not a straightforward exercise.

Software: "Buy" is a keyword: European-based Linux is free, and increasingly applied worldwide even with Micro$oft's dominance. SAP was also mentioned; let me mention that the best anti-spy-software (Ad-aware) and the most popular anti-virus software (Antivir) is German.

Hardware: hardware is less important than its main constituents, semiconductors. In that field, Europe has three companies in the revenue top ten (just as many as Japan or the USA): Infineon (German), Philips (Dutch), STMicroelectronics (French-Italian).

Robotics: hell yeah, there is. But more practical-oriented (not Asimos or robot football).

Alt. Energy: indeed, except for photovoltaics - but Europe is about to overtake Japan even in that. In this field, world leaders are: Vestas (#1), Enercon, Gamesa (among the next 5), in effect GE Energy's subsidiary (developing and producing in Germany) in the wind sector, RWE, Isofoton, BP Solar, Shell Solar, Q-Cells, Photowatt are some of the large producers.

Europe also dominates or is level with far Asia in passenger ship building, in mobile phones (Nokia; Ericson, Siemens and Alcatel), in bridge building (in this field the US's technological fall-behind is the most apparent, and tough most construction is in Far Asia - specifically China - a significant part of that by Europeans), in tunnel building (TBMs: Herrenknecht, Wirth-NFM), (not so much to my happiness) in car building (you should know these companies), (to my limited pleasure: not enough orders) in train and railway construction (Siemens, Bombardier's most factories, Alstom), and of course in passenger plane production (Airbus).

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