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Robotics: Japan, USA, Korea... Is Europe even trying?

Robotics is not high technology, it is a commodity for manufacturers.

World's largest robot manufacturers are either Japanese (Daihen, Denso, FANUC, Kawasaki, Yaskawa) or European (ABB, COMAU, KUKA, Staubli and Valk). ABB is huge engineering company, it has sold over 100K robots in its history. German KUKA is third largest in the world. US leading producer is FANUC (140K installed) but it is actually Japanese-US co-operation. Rest of US suppliers are peanuts.

As far as use of robots is concerned, US is not terribly developed as far as manufacturing is concerned. (number of robots in use per 10000 people employed in manufacturing industry in 2003):
322 Japan (not comparable to others)
148 Germany
138 Korea (not comparable to others)
116 Italy
99 Sweden
93 EU (I think is is for EU15)
78 Finland
72 Spain
71 France
63 USA
54 Austria
53 Benelux
50 Denmark
39 UK
36 Australia
24 Norway
15 Portugal
12 Czech Rep

The Japanese peak was in 1998 so perhaps the 300+ robots per 10000 manufacturning workers is some kind of natural limit?

by Nikita on Fri Jul 1st, 2005 at 04:26:59 AM EST
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