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I should write an entire Diary on this I know but first.. there is no evidence that a massacre occurred in Srebrenica.  Period.

  1. There is a group of people who constantly put forward the thought that there was a Srebrenica massacre and it was the "worst holocaust in Europe since WW2".
  2. That group is the same which obtained the video shown in Serbia and Bosnia last month, showing eight people being executed by a Scorpions unit.  It was horrible and despicable, but not the "worst holocaust in Europe since WW2".
  3. The Scorpions unit was a Croatian Serb unit, not a Serbian Serb unit.
  4. There were many, many incidents of groups of people being slaughtered, including BY both Albanian forces AND by NATO forces as WELL AS Serbian forces.  As Oui says, there's a lot of blood on everyone's hands
  5. Mass graves have been found of both Serbian and Albanian victims

That's the shortest version of Srebrenica.. click on the links in the PDB to read more details of that SPECIFIC INCIDENT.

It was a horrible war perpetrated under illegal pretenses and many horrible things happened, but most important is that Srebrenica was NOT the "worst holocaust in Europe since WW2" or "worst incident of genocide" or anything else.


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by soj on Fri Jul 1st, 2005 at 01:33:03 PM EST
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