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Since the Belgian way of govt is based upon cronyism to the max, something even I, ridiculous American, am aware of, why was Britain surprised?

...not that the EC is all Belgian.

I wonder where GB will fall in all of this, finally. Economically, it would seem to be in their interests to maintain an affiliation with the continent, but their neo-Empirical impulses would seem to affiliate them with the U.S.

MHO is that they would be smart to align with the continent before the U.S. economy, etc. goes the way of Argentina's a decade ago...not that everyone wouldn't be hurt by this, but the Euro would seem to be a safer bet, as would Euro trading partners.

And, most of all, GB has the same definition of the word, "football," surely the greatest indicator of cultural alignment.... :/

by fauxreal on Fri Jul 1st, 2005 at 09:40:22 AM EST

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