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A good source of information can be found in Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda

I have monitored Ukraine during the Orange Revolution, and I have tried to stay current on Ukranian news at least weekly by checking a couple of Ukranian news sources.

In my humble opinion, the situation in Ukraine is tough to decipher.  There is a strain between the alignments of the opposition parties and the parties in power.

The uniting force of the opposition is "Pro-Russian" and ties itself to the former regime of Kuchma and the other leading party of Yanokovich --the party of regions.

Yuschenko with Yuliya Tymoshenko have a weak coalition of different parties which has a pro-reform agenda.

It is extremely difficult for the current administration to get things together -- the reforms which are necessary are also painful.  It is nearly impossible to deliver on all the goals promised to the people because the institutions in place are very corrupt.

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