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Simultaneous Bombing Exercise
Peter Powers-BBC5
Netanyahu above it.
Giuliani yards away. What was G doing "yards away"
15th World Conference on Disaster Management.

Rudy's partner is with Peter Powers here, but not in the recently altered site.

Organizers of the Madrid and Istanbul bombings are believed to be in Iraq, well beyond the reach of Western security services. Now isn't that convenient. I wonder if the police informants responsible for setting up the Madrid bombings are also in Iraq.

Experts say that it is unlikely that the three Leeds men would have known initially that this was a suicide operation.
No kidding, especially since one of the supposed suicide bombers, Mohammed Sidique Khan, was a father of an 8-month-old girl and worked with disabled children--not exactly the profile of a suicide bomber. If Khan was a fanatical Muslim, he sure didn't act like one. "Imran Zaman [a neighbor], said he had never seen Khan at the local mosque," the Associated Press explains

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'Sapere aude'

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