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Over at another Euroblog dominated by US expats, Fistful of Euros, Scott Martens also made a very good post recently which I just found. He takes on the meme that no French company in the top 25 was founded in the last 40 years, while 19 of the Top 25 American firms were - but he finds one French and two American firms that fit the bill.

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by DoDo on Sun Jul 17th, 2005 at 05:36:23 PM EST
I re-read this article and comments again, and I think it is a very important point you are making. Perhaps it is because I've had a long day...but you lost me on the beginning part of the article...however, you then grabbed my attention at the end of your article, when you more succinctly began comparing the US numbers with European numbers (at the "across the pond" point). That there is no real difference (or the US might be worse!). That's a strong point...as an editorial comment, I'd suggest moving that up in the article, so people see this info. earlier on, which would make your point "punchier" (but then, as I said, I'm a space case about now...)


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by whataboutbob on Mon Jul 18th, 2005 at 12:37:36 PM EST
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