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TG, This is an EXCELLENT idea!! I'm sure others will climb on board a project like this. The question is, where to start, but this is an excellent opportunity to also develop our "open source community" around a project. I have been amazed to watch people utlize Daily Kos as a forum to organize investigative journalistic reports (eg, the White House fake reporter scandel, the Downing Street Minutes, etc), and really come up with some material that "grew legs" and made (is making) serious journalistic and political impact. So...where to start...perhaps we should start with a diary, in which we discuss your idea, getting other peoples input, discussing how to break down research into discrete areas, so certain people, or groups of people, could research it together. Maybe we can talk a little more in this thread about how to organize it, who will start off the diary, who will be project director(s), etc. We could engage other Euro blogs too. (etc., etc.) Heck, we have our first success with Irishhead's project on the front page, so we know that a litle energy put in the right direction can make a big impact!  What do you think? Anyone else out there game??

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by whataboutbob on Thu Jul 21st, 2005 at 02:15:01 AM EST
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