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You must also decide whether you are embarking on a nationalistic project to improve the economies of Europe (presumably excluding capitalist Britain) at the expense of the third world, or are trying to solve the problems of both Europe and, say, China.

For example, Europe could simply put up unbreachable import/export walls and isolate herself from competition with the rest of the world. (Note: No more access to oil or uranium.) Is this an acceptable proposal?

It seems to me that without such barriers to the rest of the world, Europe is forced to compete with cheap labor and unexploited resources in the third world, and with the more-or-less unconstrained capitalism of the US--and to a lesser extent the UK.

So, without strong trade barriers, one requirement of the project is that the resulting system must be able to compete with China, India, and the Americas.

by asdf on Sun Jul 24th, 2005 at 09:17:17 AM EST

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