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Taking a turn in a new direction for the moment...there are a few things to consider:

  1.  Let's identify which countries are we going to look at? Which countries are having "success" in Europe, and which are having a "success" after experiencing a downturn, and still supporting social justice? Ireland has been noted. Others? In the greater "Europe", we are talking about 25 countries. Which counties are closer to sustainable economies? (Maybe we even look at the whole world here).

  2. I think we can have the freedom here of looking at parts of systems that are effective, not necessarily having to take whole political and social systems of a given country. In fact, I think we need to have a simple "manifesto" that could be applied independently by different coutnries, according to their needs. But let's identify what is working.

  3. We have started to do this in discussions above, but clearly identifying what we really want to focus on first. Sustainable economy. What? Energy. Okay, that's one. What else.

  4. There's a long list of areas to look at...but do we go simple first...try to identify what are the basics first? Agriculture (food). Education. Health/Healthcare. Jobs. Energy. Environmemt. Yes..security and police. Immigration (that's a hot one...). Taxation. Transportation. Communication. Therê's probably more...but that's a big list. Where do we focus?

  5. And how do we create something that "Joe Europe" can understand and get behind?

...that's some big picture wonderings...

"Once in awhile we get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if we look at it right" - Hunter/Garcia
by whataboutbob on Mon Jul 25th, 2005 at 01:48:49 PM EST

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