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Can you please expand on this? I don't understand how your PV rates work.

In my town, you can connect a residential PV system to the grid, but you don't get any credit for a negative meter reading (if you generate more electricity than you use). The only "incentive" is that they allow you to connect the PV system to the regular residential system so you don't need to have a duplicate or complicated in-house network.

Are you allowed to sell residential PV energy back to the grid?

by asdf on Mon Aug 1st, 2005 at 09:30:05 AM EST
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Not only allowed: it is obligatory (vis-a-vis distributors). It is for all types of regenerative energy if network specifications are fulfilled, but with different feed-in tariffs for different types. (For example, for geothermal, it is between 15 and 7.16 c/kWh depending on size; for wind, it is currently at least 5.39 c/kWh, upped to 8.53 for a limited time for units exceeding predictions by 50%, and 9.1 c/kWh for off-shore units.)

BTW, while I was speaking about Germany, my own country (Hungary) has a rather crappy version of feed-in tariffs (tailor-made for the large electricity companies, consequently with almost no usage). However, the German system is now copied in many European countries in some form.

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