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Indeed PV is much more expensive now. The lowest I have seen is 25 Eurocents/kWh over 20 years, and that was a MW-scale project - private units are more like the double of that.

For scale, here are the German feed-in tariffs for 2004:

capacity < 30 kW30 kW << 100 kW100 kW <
field 45.7 c/kWh
rooftop57.4 c/kWh54.6 c/kWh54 c/kWh
other building-integrated62.4 c/kWh59.6 c/kWh59 c/kWh

Except for the 5 c/kWh bonus for building-integrated non-rooftop (e.g.: windows, walls) units, for new units these tariffs are reduced every year by 5%, thus for example this year:

capacity < 30 kW30 kW << 100 kW100 kW <
field 43.42 c/kWh
rooftop54.53 c/kWh51.87 c/kWh51.3 c/kWh
other building-integrated59.53 c/kWh56.87 c/kWh56.3 c/kWh

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