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I highly suspect that this is just the dry run for all of the world's citizens. I doubt there'll be a shortage of excuses for implementation.

So far we've got chips embedded in some city dwelling dogs so their masters can track their every movement.

And we've got an RFID industry poised to enter the retail markets... barcodes soon to be another ancient artifact.

So folks, the technology for monitoring any and all individuals via GPS, and accessing your whole history, (of course that given you by the authorities) through RFID technology only awaits implementation.

My recommendation: Just Say, NO!

If interested in the retail application see


NVA, a viable option when the political process fails.

by NorthDakotaDemocrat (NorthDakotaDemocrat at gmail dot com) on Mon Aug 1st, 2005 at 03:17:04 AM EST

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