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Well, as an English-reading-only American, I get most of my info about Europe from the Economist. I know that it is strongly biased in the liberal direction, and that it is strongly biased in the British direction. But, I'm not sure how an article like this one [June 25] reflects either bias, since Britain and the Economist both support Turkish membership in the EU.

"Some 3000 Syriacs [Orthodox Christians] in the south-east say their land and houses have been seized, not just by Kurds, but also by the state... the state institution that micro-manages religious life in Turkey, when it issued a sermon on March 11th to be preached at some 75,000 officially registered mosques. The sermon talked of the dangers posed to the national unity by missionaries who "work as a part of a plan to cut the ties of our citizens with the faith."

Doesn't exactly sound like freedom of religion to me...

by asdf on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 09:20:23 AM EST
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