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There are practical questions about Turkey's membership that seem very difficult to me. Forget about racist theories and concentrate on the practical issues:

  • Turkey has long borders with Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Can immigration from these countries into Europe be controlled?

  • How is the interest rate of the Euro to be managed in a country where the charging of interest is prohibited by the state religion?http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0OGT/is_1_1/ai_113563592/pg_2

  • What is the plan for controlling the heroin supply from Turkey? With an open border to Europe, you won't have to smuggle it in any more: "Inspectors at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint intercepted 22.8 kg of heroin, the press office of the regional customs directorate in nearby Plovdiv said on June 20. The drugs were found in an Audi car with Bulgarian licence plates being driven by a Bulgarian national, who was travelling with his wife from Turkey. The heroin was packed in 44 packages hidden in a special compartment in the car's fuel tank. The driver was issued a statement of customs violation. This is the sixth time inspectors have intercepted heroin at Kapitan Andreevo since the beginning of the year. They have found a total of 135 kg at the checkpoint." http://www.sofiaecho.com/article/news-roundup/id_11647/catid_5

  • What about the CAP? 40% of the Turkish population works in agriculture (compared to 25% in Poland and 4% in France). If the EU wants to continue to support agriculture as it has in the past, won't the bulk of the EU budget go directly to Turkey as CAP funds?

  • What languages will be used in the European Parliament? Sure, in theory there are 21 or more languages in use, but in reality the working languages are English and French, but that's gradually changing towards English and German. With the entry of Turkey, perhaps the practical EU languages will be German and Turkish, with English retained since "everybody speaks English."

Maybe there are already plans on how to approach these problems...or perhaps I just don't "get" how the integration of Turkey into the EU is supposed to happen.
by asdf on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 09:59:20 AM EST

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