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Mediterranean temperament, undergoing some personal hardships, separation of parents, one parent passed away, feelings of western hostility towards Muslim community, no equality on labor market although highly qualified and educated. More often 2nd and 3rd generation nationals from Arab descent, deepening religious soul-searching, welcomed in mosques by foreign clerics as teachers of fundamental, pure Islam, attachment to a new ideology and vision of life, contacts with international brothers, focus on evil of the West.

All Islamist troublemakers in the Netherlands are well educated and very young from 16-23 years of age, Dutch citizens, double nationality with two passports and allegiance, traveled to Chechnya, Yemen, Middle East or Pakistan/Kashmir.

Indonesia and Malaysia is another fertile region for Islamist recruitment with extreme popularity of Muslim hero Osama Bin Laden. Fueled by backlash on Muslims after 9-11 attacks, Israeli-Palestinian conflict [Bush doen't want solved], Madrid bombing and minor incidents in The Netherlands that gain prominent attention by the media, TV panel discussion, Arab Satellite TV, and Internet hate sites by both White Power and Islam fundamentalists. Access to modern media is 100% with no age limit or threshold.

OBL wants George and Tony exactly positioned where they have led the Western Free World - Afghanistan, Iraq and in partnership with dictatorial regimes with poor Human Rights record. Countries fulfilling the latter description: Russia, Uzbekistan, Gyrgystan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Egypt where minorities are oppressed.

OBL wants George and Tony to stay the course and crow victory. Meanwhile recruitment of Islamist followers is remarkably high, setting the stage for further confrontation, especially as Condoleezza Rice is now advocating it's a CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS.

thanks George and Tony

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    PS One of the group members was put in solitary confinement as he was actively converting other prisoners to the Islam cause.

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