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Sorry, I must hold your patience even further - I only have time for a short reply today, and I will write only about the economy.

It is relatively fine - some numbers good, some not.

Foreign debt grew sharply, to euros 60.2 billion brutto/25.7 billion netto (however, most of it is private). Budget deficit is high, but decreasing. Bids still cover only a small part of EU money available in structural funds.

Joblessness grew last winter, but now it is stable at 7%. Differences between poor and rich are still low compared to many Western countries, but again slowly increasing (they decreased during the spending spree). However, the average wage is increasing significantly (this May, 11% year-on-year netto).

Inflation is decreasing, now 3.7% over 12 months. GDP is still growing at a seasonally adjusted 3.7% - in sync with the global economy, but less than other 'developing' countries.

However, as I implied and will show in my next post, politics here is not about real issues.

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by DoDo on Sun Aug 14th, 2005 at 02:19:48 PM EST
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