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Sam Ervin Quotes


"Let books be your friends, for, by so doing, you can summon to
your fireside in seasons of loneliness the choice spirits of all
the ages. Observe mankind through the eyes of charity, for, by
so doing, you will discover anew the oft forgotten fact that
earth is peopled with many gallant souls. Study nature and walks
at times in solitude beneath the starry heavens, for, by so doing,
you will absorb the great lesson that God is infinite and that
your life is just a little beat within the heart of time. Cling
to the ancient landmarks of truth, but be ever ready to test the
soundness of a new idea. Accept whatever your mind finds to be true,
and whatever your conscience determines to be right, and whatever
your heart declares to be noble, even though your act in so doing
may drive a hoary prejudice from its throne. And, above all things,
meditate often upon the words and deeds of Him who died on Calvary
for, by so doing, 'ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall
make you free.'"

by Sam Ervin    :: Source

Bill of Rights,
John Mitchell &  John Ehrlichman

"I don't think either one of them would have recognized the
Bill of Rights if they met it on the street in broad daylight
under a cloudless sky."

by Sam Ervin

    Sam Ervin is one of my heroes: "the truth shall make you free".


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