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The IWC numbers of minke whales in the North Atlantic have been disputed. I have some material on Minke Whale numbers if you want.

Disputed by whom, then? On what basis?

I backed up my final statement about greed with the proof of exports to Japan.

No, you didn't. Your linked-to items note, correctly, that (i) Norway lifted its self-imposed ban on export of legal whale products in 2002; (ii) Japan at some point considered importing Norwegian whale meat. They do not show that any substantial export has actually occurred; let alone of:

the enormous profits that Norwegian whalers are making exporting whale meat to Japan

- or that:

[Norway] kills whales as an expensive export product to make money. Greed fuels the whale hunt not necessity.

These allegations have the dual distinction of being: (i) undocumented by anything you have put forth; and (ii) inconsistent with your own claim that:

the trade did not go well when the meat was found to be contaminated by toxins like PCB's.

You also dismiss my comparison to consumption of farm animals thus:

It is not comparable because whales cannot be bred domestically for human consumption, their numbers are declining and cannot be replaced.

Actually, it isn't correct that minke whales cannot, in principle, be bred domestically. And in fact, the Japanese have recently been considering creating enormous off-shore minke whale farms. Let's get clear on something here: Suppose this was done. Would you still object to the harvesting of this resource?

As to the declining numbers, you still haven't provided a single source for your claim that the minke whale is endangered in Norwegian waters.

Now please stop stating that my statements are "false" because you do not agree with them. I have backed up everything I posted.

Sorry, but I beg to differ.

The world's northernmost desert wind.

by Sirocco (sirocco2005ATgmail.com) on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 03:02:19 PM EST
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