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I misunderstood this trick debate (none / 0)

I think your article was an attempt to justify Norway's hunt of Minke whales under the guise of an ethical argument that slaughter of whales and eating whale
meat is no more unethical than the slaughter of domestic animals.

I resent your baseless allegation of deliberate trickery. I have been completely honest and straightforward in everything I have said.

I regret I have to say this, but if there's trickery involved around here, it will have to be this:

Whales are protected under international law and are recognized as having 'right to life' under international law. Norway breaks the ban on whale hunting and the commercial export of whale products every year and declares solo voce "our whale hunt is legal."

That is incorrect, and you surely know it. I explain why it is wrong in the article:

Contrary to myth among certain activists, the Norwegian hunt is consistent with international law. The reason is that Norway lodged an objection to the moratorium on commercial whaling passed by the IWC in 1982, which exempts it from the ban under existing rules.

Not only that: I pointed this out in this reply to you on Booman Tribune, complete with a link to BBC News. Why do you keep repeating this falsehood over and over?

The world's northernmost desert wind.

by Sirocco (sirocco2005ATgmail.com) on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 03:41:26 PM EST
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By the way, it is also wrong that Norway is not allowed to export whale products. Under IWC rules, it is allowed to do so to other countries which are legally permitted to whale. These include Japan, Iceland, Russia, and Peru. The only export of Norwegian whale products at present, as far as I know, is a modest one to Iceland.

The world's northernmost desert wind.
by Sirocco (sirocco2005ATgmail.com) on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 03:49:37 PM EST
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