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unless you watch Euronews. But if we analyze the current construction, we can figure out where the access points for citizens are. These may be underdeveloped now, and if so, then we need to develop them more. If they are noniexistent, then we create them. But we don't need to go about looking only at the EU level center of the political group. We could go through existing political parties and demand responses to EU level questions. Force the parties to become more knowledgable about and see the need to coordinate more effectively. Our knowledge of what other states are doing to address problems (knowledge that we can get through our own network here) can be used to provide possible solutions and to shame national political leaders into closer coordination.

I'm still thinking a lot of this out right now, so my apologies is some points are not clear. I do hope we can keep up this topic in several different threads if need be over the next several weeks.

by gradinski chai on Wed Aug 3rd, 2005 at 09:33:05 AM EST
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