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Seems like I totally missed it!
Scratch that. I probably read about it and then promptly forgot it.

I didn´t see the debate and until reading this post I couldn´t even "remember" that maybe such a debate might have happened last week. :)

And I do intent to vote on September 18. Not to mention that I´m interested in politics. And I´m still somewhat undecided.

Why would anybody watch such a debate and take it seriously?
I mean, every single politician there probably learned his/her lines about what to say for each topic.
Not to mention don´t answer any question directly and be sure to attack your political opponent while answering. And try to get as much air time as possible while denying time to your opponents.
Watching these debates is a waste of time.

Now, is that an accurate picture of the German elections?
I don´t really know.

Voters are fed up with the current government about the domestic situation. (Note to right-wing pundits: An overwhelming majority does agree with the Schroeder government about topics like Iraq. :) )
On the other hand people don´t really think that a new conservative Christian Democratic/Liberal Democrat coalition can really improve the domestic economic situation.

(Not to mention the fact that this debate didn´t include anyone from the new left-wing "Linkspartei/PDS". IIRC their numbers are slowly going down but they probably will be in the new "Bundestag" parliament.)

Anyway, that said and right now I do like two things about the "conservative" candidate Angela Merkel.
(She would probably be a crazy left-wing Democrat in the USA. :)   )
She actually mentioned raising taxes, the VAT from 16 to 18%, before the Federal election. Imagine that!
And her nomination of Kirchhoff for the finance department (is that the right word?). A former judge and professor for economics. In favor of a flat tax and in favor of closing of 400+ tax loopholes and tax excempt statutes. Despite the objections of her own party.
Even if elected, I don´t think they could simplify the tax code that much.

But it took b*lls to announce both things before an election.
That may still be a slight difference to "American elections".

by Detlef (Detlef1961_at_yahoo_dot_de) on Wed Aug 31st, 2005 at 04:41:34 PM EST

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