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Your wholesale price will go up.  Traders and blenders will be scouring the market for stray alkylates and other blendstocks to make US grade gas for export.  it was a regular trade back in the day.  The US imports about 1 MMBD of mogas.  Much of that comes from the Venz but quite a bit from Europe.

The guy I sat next to at GS is now a big player at Morgan and probably already has 2 ships on subs....hope he gave up the sauce and gets his blends right these days.

Many European refiners can meet US specs.  Just not as many as in 1990.  I'd guess Norway (Statoil Mongstadt), Finland (defn can do as they could do LA Carb spec in 1995), Repsol, maybe Tex UK,  a few of the ARA boys can do it.

May not move your prices too terribly as your mogas season is over too.

by HiD on Wed Aug 31st, 2005 at 08:46:04 AM EST
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