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UN set for difficult development debate

The underlying deal in the negotiations is that richer countries will help poorer ones, and in exchange the UN will reform itself and will also be given greater powers to intervene in failed states.

A Convention against Terrorism, to be completed next year, is on the agenda. The British Prime Minister Tony Blair is also calling for a resolution opposing terrorism during the summit.

However, one key reform, the possible enlargement of the Security Council, has got bogged down and will not be settled at this session.

The clash of philosophies can be seen most clearly in the arguments about development.

Basically, the Bush administration believes that the free market will spread prosperity far more widely and quickly than UN and government-led targets. This happened, it argues, in the Asia-Pacific region with the growth of economies such as South Korea and Malaysia.

And there is this quote by Dr Claire Melamed of Christian Aid:

The point of this summit was to make a step forward. The United States want to take a step back
by Fran on Mon Sep 12th, 2005 at 01:05:28 PM EST

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